Canadian Veterinary Journal - Revue vétérinaire canadienne

The Canadian Veterinary Journal, published by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, is the 'voice of veterinary medicine in Canada'. The Journal now includes a regular ‘Veterinary Dermatology’ feature intended for the veterinary practitioner.

La Revue vétérinaire canadienne, qui est publiée par l’Association canadienne des médecins vétérinaires, est la « voix de la médecine vétérinaire au Canada ». Une section « Dermatologie Vétérinaire » figure maintenant régulièrement dans la revue.

Year 2023

Volume 64 - Number 1

Topic: Malassezia species and its significance in canine skin disease

Author: Jangi Bajwa

Volume 64 - Number 3

Topic: Cutaneous T-cell epitheliotropic lymphoma

Author: Charlie Pye

Volume 64 - Number 5

Topic: Canine pododermatitis: A complex, multifactorial condition

Author: Jangi Bajwa

Volume 64 - Number 7

Topic: Itch in dogs and cats

Author: Frédéric Sauvé

Volume 64 - Number 9

Topic: Symmetric lupoid onychodystrophy (SLO)

Authors: Laura Quilling, Andrea Lam

Volume 64 - Number 11

Topic: Isoxazolines for treating canine and feline otodectic mange; feline demodicosis, lynxacariasis, lice infestation, and notoedric mange (scabies); demodicosis in hamsters; and sarcoptic and psoroptic manges in rabbits

Authors: Hannah Azaria, Vincent Defalque

Year 2022

Volume 63 - Number 1

Topic: Cutaneous hyperpimentation in dogs

Author: Jangi Bajwa

Volume 63 - Number 3

Topic: Juvenile cellulitis (juvenile sterile granulomatous dermatitis and lymphadenitis) in a 9-week-old puppy treated with prednisolone-cyclosporine combination therapy

Author: Jangi Bajwa

Volume 63 - Number 5

Topic: Feline plasma cell pododermatitis

Author: Gabrielle Brosseau

Volume 63 - Number 7

Topic: Endoscopic visualization and irrigation are essential in management of the recalcitrant discharging canine ear

Authors: Mahmood Bhutta and Munir Kureshi

Volume 63 - Number 9

Topic: Bovine dermatology: How to approach skin diseases in this species

Authors: Eloi Guarnieri, Frédéric Sauvé

Volume 63 - Number 11

Topic: Isoxazolines for treating canine demodicosis, sarcoptic mange (scabies), and lice infestation

Author: Vincent Defalque

Year 2021

Volume 62 - Number 1

Topic: Hair loss in guinea pigs

Author: Renzo Venturo

Volume 62 - Number 3

Topic: Canine sebaceous adenitis

Author: Charlie Pye

Volume 62 - Number 5

Topic: Pruritic cats - from a technician’s point of view

Author: Jennie Tait

Volume 62 - Number 7

Topic: Cutaneous lymphoma in a Dachshund

Author: Andrea Lam

Volume 62 - Number 9

Topic: Staphylococcal cutaneous infection in horses: From the early 2000s to the present

Author: Frédéric Sauvé

Volume 62 - Number 11

Topic: Feline atopic syndrome - an update

Author: Jangi Bajwa

Year 2020

Volume 61 - Number 1

Topic: Atopic dermatitis in humans and dogs

Authors: Martín Arcique, Jangi Bajwa

Volume 61 - Number 3

Topic: Aural hematoma and its treatment: A review

Authors: Jennifer Hewitt, Jangi Bajwa

Volume 61 - Number 5

Topic: Review of critically appraised topics on adverse food reactions of companion animals

Author: Becky Valentine

Volume 61 - Number 7

Topic: Twenty years of pyodermas: How antimicrobial resistance has changed the way I practice

Author: Kinga Gortel

Volume 61 - Number 9

Topic: Can equine urticaria be cured?

Author: Frédéric Sauvé

Volume 61 - Number 11

Feline dermatophytosis: Clinical features and diagnostic testing

Author: Jangi Bajwa

Year 2019 

Volume 60 - Number 1

Topic: Canine otitis externa - Treatment and complications

Author: Jangi Bajwa

Volume 60 - Number 3

Topic: Pemphigus foliaceus

Author: Elizabeth Goodale

Volume 60 - Number 5

Topic: A short history of veterinary dermatology in Canada

Author: Vincent Defalque

Volume 60 - Number 7

Topic: Use of topical glucocorticoids in veterinary dermatology

Author: Frédéric Sauvé

Volume 60 - Number 9

Topic: Feline indolent ulcers and their significance

Author: Jangi Bajwa

Year 2018

Volume 59 - Number 1

Topic: Developments in small animal veterinary dermatology

Author: Kinga Gortel

Volume 59 - Number 3

Topic: Atopic dermatitis in cats

Author: Jangi Bajwa

Volume 59 - Number 5

Topic: Demodicosis: New treatment, common misdiagnosis

Author: Michael Charach

Volume 59 - Number 7

Topic: Claw disease in the dog: Does your patient have symmetrical lupoid onychodystrophy (SLO)?

Author: Stephen Waisglass

Volume 59 - Number 9

Topic: An embarrassment of riches: An update on the symptomatic treatment of canine atopic dermatitis

Author: Kinga Gortel

Volume 59 – Number 11

Topic: Pseudomonas otitis externa in dogs

Author: Charlie Pye