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WAVD Foundation Course in Veterinary Dermatology

The World Association for Veterinary Dermatology is pleased to announce the release of a series of foundational educational webinars.

Topics covered by leading experts in their fields include the clinical approach to dermatological cases, diagnostic techniques, allergic and infectious diseases of the skin and more.

The webinars can be viewed free-of-charge at wavd.org/continuing-education/webinars/ and are aimed at general practitioners who wish to improve their skills in clinical veterinary dermatology. They are equally suitable for veterinary students in their final year of studies.

Several contain important new information and will be of value to those pursuing advanced studies in this subject.

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Cutaneous adverse food reactions in companion animals. Comparative aspects and evidence-based recommendations - Dr. Vincent Defalque

A cutaneous adverse food reaction (or 'food allergy') is defined as an aberrant reaction after the consumption of a food or food additive. We will discuss the causes and clinical signs of this skin disease in dogs and cats, as well as the best way to diagnose it.